We believe that it's important to claim these profiles, making sure that they have accurate information. Having profiles that link back to your website help to build credibility and add that all important 'link juice' to your ranking. Additionally, should someone post something, then someone is watching and following up as necessary. Perhaps there's a company that sounds like yours, and the person posted a review to the wrong place. Perhaps there's a problem that can quickly and easily be resolved. Maybe they said something really nice, and it’s important to get this feedback to your staff and encourage them to keep doing well!

Sometimes, we find great opportunities, and help our clients take advantage of the audience that's engaged on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. We have simple programs that post a couple times per week to make sure potential customers know you're alive. We can use text, photos, and even video to send out a message, and include various calls to action. These depend on the time of year, any specials you might offer, or something interesting we've seen in the news.

At DRKM Strategies, we have extensive experience in knowing how, where and when to post. We've even done some premium campaigns that have yielded significant results. It's ideal when we can pair social media management with other SEO activities, but it is something we can handle as a one-off project. We can even help to train your staff on how to manage it yourself. Give us a call today and we'll find the best solution for you and your company