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Assist Small to Medium size Companies with - Internet Marketing Strategy and Implementation - Business Development - Dallas / Fort Worth

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DRKM is a one stop shop for today’s marketing needs in Dallas / Fort Worth. We started our business modeled around the customer needs because we have spent our career as the customer.

We got tired of listening to all of the virtual sales people make promises and the only promise they kept was they took our money.

So, we learned not to take their calls anymore and learned to do it ourselves.

So now we are that marketing company we didn’t like.  But our promise is that if you don’t like our results then we won’t either and we will keep working to do our best to find results we both can like.  Why? Because we are on your side.

We are about Developing Relationships, Knowledge and Marketing Strategies over the long-haul to Dallas based businesses.




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Developing Relationships with the companies that we partner with is our #1 priority. It is imperative to get to know their industry, their company, their staff and their needs. The better the relationship the better the communication and the more successful both sides become. We are in the relationship for the long-haul, not just a quick sell.

Developing Knowledge is our goal. Learning together with our customers how to improve their businesses is a win-win in our mind. As everyone knows more then we can all participate in making the right decisions on how to the resources available, both customer’s and DRKM’s.

Marketing Strategies is our game. We want to help our customers to grow their business in the most profitable manner possible. We know we have to do more than to just sell our services; we have to earn the trust of our customers and their customers. Marketing Strategies is about taking a high-level look at the Companies situation including, current position in their market, current marketing initiatives, short and long-term goals and budget. DRKM does not use quick fix methods but puts strategic plans together for the future that provides a focus that the all decisions are based on.

Tracking and Statistics is our routine. We believe that you can’t have a strategy that does not include and implementation plan and tracking. We establish measurable points in the plan so that we can be graded in our progress. We operate under the motto of “If it is important, track it” and “If it’s worth tracking it must be important”.


It has been virtually impossible for any one person to keep up with the lighting pace things are changing in the marketing world. Anyone that is making you promises need to be hung up on because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Our promise is to be a student of today’s marketing maze and your business and give you the most practical advice available on how to manage your marketing efforts and budget.


Social Media is the new buzz. Well in today’s world there already old buzz and most of us haven’t even figured out if it makes since to spend our time and money on. Well once upon a time there was this start up called Google…mmm…and now there is Google +, what’s a marketing person to do?

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